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A+ RewardsSM Terms & Conditions

Here’s How to Participate

  1. Earning Reward Flights and Business Class Upgrades: To participate in AirTran® Airways’ A+ Rewards program and earn reward travel you must enroll in the program online at aplusrewards.com. You will be issued an account number that will be stored in your member profile. You must log into your account with either your account number or e-mail address when booking travel to receive credit for your flight(s). You will use your e-mail address as your login ID and establish a password online at aplusrewards.com to check your account status. Only the person named on the A+ Rewards Personal Information Section may earn and redeem rewards under the account number associated with that account, regardless of who paid for that person’s transportation. Each person is limited to one A+ Rewards account. Individuals must participate separately in the program. Companies and organizations may not participate.
  2. Earning Rewards: A+ Rewards credits will be issued at the rate of one per flight. An additional one-half A+ Rewards bonus credit will be issued for each Business Class flight on select fares. A+ Rewards credits may be issued for other activities at AirTran’s discretion. For the A+ Rewards Program, a flight is defined as a trip marketed by AirTran Airways from an origin city to a destination city, including any intermediate stops or connections. All legs of a connecting itinerary must be completed in order for A+ Rewards credits to be awarded for travel. A Business Class flight is one for which AirTran Airways’ full Business Class Fare has been paid; a Coach flight is one for which any Coach Fare has been paid. The following types of flights are ineligible for earning A+ Rewards credits: non-revenue travel, industry discount fares, complimentary tickets, extra seats and A+ Rewards reward travel. A+ Rewards credits will be issued upon completion of flights and cannot be issued after a flight has been completed, unless a Missing Credits form has been filled out and submitted within 90 days after the flight has been completed.
  3. Program Earning Period: For General members, A+ Rewards credits are valid for 12 months after the date on which they were posted to each member’s account. For A+ Visa cardholders and Elite members, A+ Rewards credits are valid for 24 months after the posting date. Twenty-four month expiration period for A+ Rewards credits is valid only for A+ Rewards credits earned after an A+ Visa account is established or after Elite status is attained. A+ Rewards credits will be posted within three days of a flight’s completion.
  4. Elite Level: Beginning April 22, 2009, A+ Rewards members who earn ten or more A+ flight credits in any 90-day period or 25 or more A+ flight credits in any 365-day period will be qualified for Elite status in the A+ Rewards Program. A+ Rewards flight credits are only those A+ Rewards credits earned on AirTran Airways marketed flights and do not include any other A+ Rewards credits, such as those earned from purchases with our A+ Rewards partners or A+ Rewards bonus credits earned for flying in Business Class. Elite members are eligible for automatic upgrades at the time of booking for Y and B Fares, waived of change and cancellation fees on Y, B and M Fares, complimentary Business Class upgrades at the gate 40 minutes prior to departure, refunds on Y, B and M Fares, guaranteed seat availability for Y Fares, advance seat assignment, first and second bag fees waived, higher priority standby status, dedicated checkin lines and security entrances at select airports, dedicated customer service line, free transfer of A+ Rewards credits to other A+ Rewards member accounts, priority boarding and a two-year expiration period for all A+ Rewards credits earned after Elite status is attained. If an Elite member earns fewer than 12 A+ Rewards flight credits in any given 12-month period following the member’s initial 12 months of Elite status, the member’s Elite status will expire at the beginning of the following calendar month, and the member will be issued a general member card. Once an Elite member’s status expires, the member must re-qualify for Elite status following the original rules. No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.
  5. Reward Travel Period: A+ Rewards credits earned in this program may be redeemed for reward travel for a period of 12 months following the date of issuance. A+ Rewards credits earned by A+ Visa cardholders after their account is opened and by Elite members after Elite status is attained are redeemable for a period of 24 months from the date of issuance.
  6. Requesting an A+ Travel Reward: Requests for rewards are subject to review by AirTran Airways, whose sole judgment will determine if an A+ Rewards travel reward is issued.
  7. How to Redeem A+ Rewards Credits: Reward travel on AirTran Airways can be booked through your online A+ Rewards account at aplusrewards.com.
  8. Transferability of A+ Travel Rewards: Reward travel is transferrable and may be booked in the name of any person you wish such ticket(s) to be issued. Business Class upgrades are also transferrable; however, the person in whose name the reward ticket is issued must call to make the reservation.
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Here’s How to Get Reward Flights on AirTran Airways

  1. Getting AirTran Airways Reward Travel: Use your A+ Rewards credits to book reward travel online through your A+ Rewards account at aplusrewards.com. Alternatively, you may call us at 1-800-AIR-TRAN (1-800-247-8726) to book your reward travel. One-way and roundtrip reward travel reservations booked through an AirTran Airways reservation call center will incur a $15.00 booking fee. Availability of seats on AirTran Airways is subject to capacity controls and blackout dates, and seats are limited and may not be available on all flights. A trip is defined as travel from a single point of origin to a single destination over the most direct routing between any two cities with published fares and schedules. Reward travel must be booked immediately following the redemption of A+ Rewards credits. Once a reward ticket has been issued, any subsequent reissues are subject to change fees as per the carrier’s contract of carriage.
  2. Upgrading to Business Class: Elite members traveling on Coach itineraries may follow the procedure for obtaining free upgrades 40 minutes prior to departure at the gate, if available. All members may purchase an upgrade or redeem four A+ Rewards credits for a one-way upgrade anytime beginning the day prior to departure.
  3. Blackout Dates: Reward travel is subject to blackout dates on and around the following holidays: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Visit aplusrewards.com for exact dates. Learn more about specific blackout dates.
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Here’s How to Get Business Class Upgrades on AirTran Airways

  1. Getting Business Class Upgrades: Call us at 1-888-3-A-PLUS-8 (1-888-327-5878) to reserve your upgrade to Business Class anytime beginning midnight the day prior to departure. Four A+ Rewards credits are required to redeem for a one-way Business Class upgrade. If an A+ Rewards member wishes to upgrade a companion as well, an additional four A+ Rewards credits will be required to redeem for a one-way Business Class upgrade for the companion. Availability of Business Class seats on AirTran Airways flights is subject to capacity controls and blackout dates, and seats are limited and may not be available on all flights. Elite members and up to one other person traveling on the same itinerary are eligible for free Business Class upgrades from any confirmed Coach Fare, beginning 40 minutes prior to departure at the gate. Business Class upgrades are not guaranteed, are awarded only if space is available and are assigned to Elite members based on order of flight checkin.
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Here’s How to Receive Companion Travel on AirTran Airways

  1. Companion Travel: A companion account must be established by redemption of a Companion Pass award using the sponsor’s A+ Rewards credits. Redemption of 100 A+ Rewards credits is required for one Companion Pass. The selected companion must have an A+ Rewards account; if they do not have one, an account will be established for them. The sponsor may change their companion once each quarter by contacting the A+ Rewards Desk at 1-888-3-A-PLUS-8 (1-888-327-5878). Sponsor and companion travel may be booked separately; however, all companion travel must be made with the sponsor on the same flights. All companion travel bookings must be made by contacting the A+ Rewards Desk. Companions who wish to receive a one-way Business Class upgrade must redeem four A+ Rewards credits from their sponsor or may pay for an upgrade beginning midnight the day prior to the departure date.
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Here’s Other Important Information

  1. No Cash Value: A+ Rewards credits have no cash value and may be redeemed only for transportation as defined and described in these Terms & Conditions, subject to the restrictions contained herein.
  2. Missing A+ Credits: It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have provided your account number at the time of flight booking. If you feel that your A+ Rewards credits have not been posted properly, please fill out and submit the Missing Credits Request form which can be found under My Rewards after logging into your A+ Rewards account. Requests will be honored up to 90 days from the completed flight date.
  3. Transferring A+ Credits: A+ Rewards members may transfer up to 20 A+ Rewards credits in a 12 month period. The 20 A+ Rewards credits limit applies to all members and includes A+ Rewards credits transferred both for a fee and for free.
  4. Cancelled/Delayed Flights: In the event of an AirTran Airways flight cancellation during the Program Earning Period, you will receive an A+ Rewards credit for your travel on the next available AirTran Airways flight.
  5. Travel Reward Changes/Cancellations: Should you decide to change your ticket after it has been issued you will be responsible for any change fees plus any applicable increase in airfare according to your itinerary and fare class.
  6. Validity: AirTran Airways’ A+ Rewards Program is valid only in states where it is legal.
  7. Tax Liability: You will be solely responsible for local, state or federal taxes due from receipt of reward flights.
  8. Passenger Facility Charges: You may be responsible for payment of Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to $18 per roundtrip ticket issued at the time your reservations are made and must make such payment at that time by credit card.
  9. September 11th Security Fee: You will be responsible for payment of the September 11th security fee of up to $5.00 per one-way ticket/flight at the time your reservations are made, and such payment must be made at that time, by credit card.
  10. Fraud/Violation of Terms & Conditions: Any fraudulent act in regard to this program or violation of Terms & Conditions will result in forfeiture of all flight credits earned and will also result in prosecution.
  11. Changes/Cancellation: AirTran Airways reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate this program at any time without notice.
  12. Lost/Stolen/Destroyed A+ Travel Reward Tickets: Lost, stolen or destroyed A+ Travel Reward Tickets will not be replaced.
  13. Member Information: AirTran Airways may share information about members of A+ Rewards with other companies for marketing purposes, unless you indicate otherwise in your profile at airtran.com.

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Terms and Conditions: