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A+ Rewards

Qualifying for Elite Status

A+ Elite Card

With A+ credits earned from flying AirTran Airways, you can get Elite level benefits not available to all A+ Rewards members. When you earn 10 or more A+ credits flying AirTran Airways within any 90-day period or earn 25 or more A+ credits flying AirTran Airways within any 365-day period, you qualify for A+ Rewards Elite Membership.

Elite Benefits

  • Complimentary Business Class upgrades from all coach fares available at the gate 40 minutes prior to departure*
  • Automatic upgrades at time of booking for Y and B fares
  • 2-year redemption period for all A+ Rewards credits earned after Elite status is attained
  • First and second bag fees waived**
  • Complimentary seat assignments at time of booking on all fare classes
  • Dedicated customer service phone number
  • Dedicated check-in lines and security entrances at select airports
  • Guaranteed full fare coach seat on any flight
  • Higher priority stand-by status
  • Complimentary transfer of A+ Rewards credits to other accounts
  • Change and cancellation fees waived for Y, B, and M fares
  • Complimentary one-year fee-waived Hertz #1 Club Gold® membership***

Renewing Elite Status

Once a member earns Elite status, the member will be required to fly 12 one-way, A+ credit-earning flights in the 365 days prior to the member’s Elite expiration date to renew Elite status for another year.

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